Friday, September 6, 2013

Life Lately

Life as of late....

// Less than a month, people. We are getting married in less than a month. Hold the phone. It's getting real. My feelings on this? FINALLY. I am ready. Oh so ready. 

// Dave and I went back to Door County this last weekend. We relived our engagement day. Same breakfast spot, same dog store where we got McCoy a new collar, same beach, same dinner. It was just what we needed to recharge. We worked on writing our ceremony on the drive up. It was perfection.

// Dave's grandma, Eleanor passed away. She fought a long battle with cancer but I had also hoped she would make it to our wedding. I felt a little selfish for that thought, but knew it was natural. She would have just been so happy to see her grandson on his wedding day. But we spent so much time with her and she really got to see us. The real us. I showed her pictures of my wedding dress and she nodded and smiled. I know I'll feel her presence on October 5th.

Grandma Eleanor was the first family member of Dave's I met. She welcomed me with open arms and reported back to the family how much she approved. I will never forget her pure sweetness and pride in her family. She reminded me so much of my grandma who passed when I was 16, my Grandma Elsie. I know they would have been best friends.

Little Dave and Grandma Eleanor

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Friday, August 30, 2013

The problem with selfies

So this morning I was sitting in my car taking selfies avoiding having to actually walk into work. Standard, right? What is great about selfies is you can hand select the one best of 30 pictures you just took in the last 30 seconds. What is the worst? You have to look at 30 pictures and decide which is best. What does that leave you with? 29 worst pictures. Holy nit picking. You basically have to pick the ugliest pictures to not to use.

Thoughts that went through my mind when picking the best selfie...
// if I stare at my freckles enough they look like pimples
// why do I have so many friggin forehead wrinkles??!?!?
// the only way my forehead doesn't have wrinkles is if I frown
//  seriously, these freckles look like they are overtaking my face
// I never get to have an even complexion ever. DOTS EVERYWHERE.
// caterpiller brows. Nuf said.
// did I seriously have like seven freckles mold into one monster freckle??
// Um I don't like any of these. There is no best.

Thoughts that should have been going through my mind...
// everyone loves these freckles, they're unique
// The blue eyes are really poppin' today
// no makeup for an early morning is aok
// my spikey eyebrows are my "statement" piece
// these are hilarious because I am actually avoiding work with selfie taking
// seriously, turn off Katy Perry's Roar and get your booty in there

Bad lighting, no makeup, weird faces. But whether I think I look good in the picture is irrelevant. I say that because they are all of my face. The only face I'll ever have (since plastic surgery is not on the docket) and it is the first thing everyone sees of me. Own it. All of it. All the nuances that are "off", all the things that I think are weird are what makes my face mine. It's not good or bad, it is what it is. And there really is no point in being annoyed by the things I would change. I like my face most of the time and nit picking the parts I don't like serves zero purpose. As they say.... happy girls are the prettiest! So I'm going to be happy about all my selfies, goofy or not. Preach.

I challenge you to be kinder to your selfies. K? You only get once face so werk it.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Giveawaaaaaaaaaaaaays (as voiced by Oprah)

So I may be part of three awesomesauce giveaways all going on at this very moment.

Basically they just happen to be three of my most fav bloggers ever. Sooooooooo you need to know them. Which I'm sure you do. Duh. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sarah, Helene & Beth

Do you want $250 to spend at StubHub and/or Victoria's Secret from me and my sleepover buddies? Winner takes all, plus the winner gets to decide  how much of that $250 they want to spend on tickets, and how much they want to spend on new gear to wear to the big game from Victoria's Secret.  But don't thank me, thank them...
Magen ::: Jill
 Nadine ::: Erin

 Laura ::: Jackie

Tori ::: Sarah

Rules: Win a two gift cards, a combined value of $250. You choose how much of that $250 you want to spend at Stubhub, and you choose how much you want to spend at Victoria's Secret. Winner will be verified.


There is not one, but 2 prizes for this giveaway. The first being $100 paypal cash! Spend it on what you want. Maybe some new music, fall clothes, a spa day, a target spree- you decide. 
The second prize is a $50 gift card to Boutique Sui Numeris! 

About the Boutique: "We are giving away a $50.00 gift card to use towards ANY item in the boutique!  This boutique is for the ultimate fashionista who does not want to look like every other girl.  Boutique Sui Numeris carries lovely little black dresses, authentic luxury vintage dresses, and more!  Whether you want to splurge or you simply love elite quality, we have your item!  As seen in "Elle" and "Life & Style"! "


Allie    //    Ashley    //    Callie    //    Heather    //    Katelyn

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Faith    //    Kalyn    //    Caitlin    //    Stephanie    //    Amanda

Michelle    //    Autumn    //    Ashton    //     Beth

Open Worldwide. Must have PayPal account to win. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pizza Rolls, Puppies & Packers

Today is all about Dave. My soon-to-be husband is taking over the blog and imparting some of his wisdom on you all. Be prepared. 

1. What would you do with $1,000,000?
Push to get my own movie made? A self biopic called "Pizza Rolls, Puppies, and the Packers." In all honesty though? Probably buy a nice chunk of land somewhere and build my dream house, in which to raise a family...with a healthy dose of pizza rolls, puppies, and the Packers. See...brought that whole joke back around.

2. What is your dream job?
Animated movie director. The ability to create any kind of story and have fun doing it. Blows my mind how great that would be.

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Tom Jones. You name another man out there who is as ballsy and sexy as that guy, and you...I dunno, win the better at naming sexy guys prize. Still, the guy sang Thunderball and breaks microphones with his voice at 70 something.

4. What is your favorite sports team? 
Green Bay Packers. Easy one. Only community owned sports team in the States. Sold out every year since forever. No arguments.

Okay so maybe Callie chose this image... Maybe.

5. What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?
When I was a wee kid, I had no idea how to get a name, so I used the AOL screen name suggester. Put in two things you like and it'll spit out a name. Being young, dumb, and a big fan of larger furry land predators. I typed in wolves and bear. Slap on my birth year of 1988, and the regretfully bad WolfBear88 was born. The moment I learned of social embarrassment, i dropped that sucker faster than light getting pulled in an Event Horizon.

I think this is what Dave had in mind with WolfBear88 ???

Never The Same Spice Twice

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting my engagement ring remade: a saga

Dave proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring. We had that ring remade. Same diamond, but recast into a new style. There were many tears shed over this experience. Let's go on a little photo journey shall we?

September 29, 2012 // Door County, Wisconsin

I was the happiest I've ever been in that moment. All the feelings you'd think you'd feel I felt. Dave had just proposed a few minutes before, McCoy was clearly overjoyed... and wanting to go play some more.

Man and his best friend frolicking // me doing what I did for 4 hours

It was honestly true bliss. I couldn't believe I was a fiance and I had something new and shiny on my hand. It was breathtaking. We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying Door County visiting wineries and cideries and more wineries. We stayed at a hotel on the bay and enjoyed the overwhelming feelings of excitement.

I spent the weekend taking an obscene amount of pictures of us, McCoy and my sparkly new friend.

Holding glasses awkwardly so I could get my ring in the shot

And again, that dang awkward hand

Ring. must. be. in. every. picture.

I even had Dave help me pose

If said I had twenty of this exact picture on my phone I'd be grossly understating

Thank goodness I made a vow to keep my nails painted from the moment we went ring shopping. Paid. Off.

But then. After about 3 months I started wondering. Trying to replay how the one trip we had made to the jewelry store had gone. I knew I wanted a center stone with diamonds down the side. But it had a much different side profile than I expected. I thought it would look daintier. Do other people have these feelings? Am I just being picky? Should squash the feelings and move on?

One of the pictures I used to show them that I wanted a more delicate look

My view of the original ring

And as it turns out, and I never realized, the side view was the view I would see most. I only thought about top down view at the time. It was so beautiful. A custom piece. They made it specially for me and no one would have one just like it. But my diamond. My beautifully colorless handpicked-by-Dave diamond. I could hardly see it. There was so much white gold it was set in. And my sapphire. The sapphire Dave had put on both sides because he was going to propose on the water and because we were going to get married on the water. A wedding bad would cover those up. 

So I cried and cried and went to Dave. "Um honey? I love my ring so much and you proposed with it and we cried and it was perfect and I love you so much and the diamond is the most expensive part and it's just breathtaking but um I think that the way they set the diamond isn't exactly what I thought maybe it would look like and I can't see my diamond as much and I was just maybe thinking we could see if they could change it?" 'Breathe. Sure, we'll go in this weekend and ask' is what Dave said. They said they couldn't alter my current ring, but for a hefty price they could create a completely new casting and use all my same side diamonds and sapphires. I would keep all the stones, but get a new style. Okay. After hemming and hawing and more tears Dave said "DO IT". Yes, it cost money. It was their time and labor. But we did it anyway.

Here is a wax mold they showed me as they were working on my recasting

I felt awful. I felt ungrateful. Like I didn't like what he had proposed to me with. And that is where the tears came in. I LOVED what he proposed to me with. And he picked a BEAUTIFUL diamond. And the setting? Well he had made what I said I wanted. But I hadn't thought about the dang side view. I wanted to see my diamond more and not have those sapphires get covered up eventually.

Sad hand
Here is my hand that still had an indent three days after I turned my ring in. I had to be without my brand new best friend for 3 weeks. It. Was. Sad. I felt naked.

And then I got it back. And it was glorious. And tears were shed for a completely different reason. 

Again with the flawlessly manicured nails, I swear that's not the norm

My absolutely beautiful finished piece was back. Tears flowed now because it was exactly what I had pictured. And I could see that rock loud and proud. And my sapphires were moved to a safe place.

Is getting engaged all about a ring? Absolutely not. Duh. But I will wear this on my hand for the rest of my life (except when I get preggers and my fingers balloon up like little sausages). I look down at my hand and beam all the time, even now, eleven months later. Dave often catches me zoning out of conversations because I can't stop staring and he has to bring me back to earth. I feel love and I feel Dave's hard work in this ring. I think this is how it should have looked all along so I no longer have any sad feelings about having it changed.

And here are only a few of the excessively annoying amounts of pictures I took in the car after we walked out of the jewelry store when I got it back. Yes, Dave sat there laughing at me, as he should have. I'm a spaz. And I over-lotioned my hands. I was nervous. And it was January.

Gasp! No nail polish :)

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